As the United Methodist Church has become more and more progressive in their doctrine, many churches have desired to leave the UMC and become part of the Global Methodist Church, which stands firm in its traditionalist stance.  When it was announced that General Conference would be postponed until 2024, the GMC leaders decided to go ahead and launch their new denomination on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Therefore, we are also faced with this decision.  And so I pray that if there cannot be unity within our denomination, may there at least be unity among the members of Cochranton UMC as to the correct path to follow regarding our church affiliation – a decision that should not be made in haste, but only after much study, prayer, and discussion.  (Copies of what is involved should we decide to disaffiliate with the UMC are available by contacting the church office.)

        No decision should be made in haste, when emotions fuel the fire;

                 Instead of allowing the Spirit, our pathway to inspire.

              Much prayer and contemplation, are needed in this hour,

                 To discern the will of God, and call upon His power.

               The ideal is always unity, but when that’s off the table,

                  May His Word and His Spirit, resolution to enable.

Pastor Karen