The Methodist faith was initiated under the leadership of Rev. William Patterson in 1839.  Originally a part of the Oil Creek Circuit, there were 12 families in the congregation at the time.  Services were held in their residences.

As the community of Cochranton grew, the charge was reassigned to the Cooperstown Circuit.  A permanent church location was needed and construction was begun on Pine Street.  The simple single story wood frame building cost $900 to erect in 1843.  The building was positioned parallel to Pine Street with its entrance located on the alley across from the present day Drafto Corp. Fabrication Building.  The interior featured three ranks of pews with two aisles opening to the altar on the east wall.

The borough of Cochranton was chartered in 1855 and started to grow.  The increase in the church membership and the population swell of the borough led to the designation of Cochranton as the head of the circuit and the home of the pastor.  The Pine Street location was renovated in 1870 with 30 ministers having served the charge to that point.  With the growth of the congregation a new building was necessary.


An impressive brick structure was erected at the current location on East Adams Street.  The newly completed church was dedicated on January 25, 1891 and cost over $8,000.  The imposing structure featured an extended bell tower and slate roof.  The interior was adorned with a dark wood altar on the east wall lit with a rosette stained glass window.  Flanked by three semi-curved sets of pews, the north wall was dominated by a two story stained glass window.

Later additions to the building included a kitchen and a set of Sunday school rooms.  Renovated in the 1950’s, the sanctuary received a modern appearance obscured in drapery.  A center aisle was adopted for the period with the elevation of the altar and choir loft.  An educational wing and renovations to the social rooms were completed in 1962.

Our sanctuary today